How does your business sound?

When's the last time you listened to your phone greeting or messaging? Do you think your current or potential clients are impressed or underwhelmed with what they hear when they call you? 

Many business owners don’t realize the impact of a professional approach to their phone recordings. They spend money and effort on their visual branding, their website, business cards and signage, but their phone greetings are an afterthought. Often, a phone call is a customer’s first contact with your business. 

As a professional voiceover talent, I’ve recorded phone greetings, after-hour and on-hold messaging for businesses and organizations worldwide. I can ensure that you sound amazing to your callers too!

Perhaps you need an after-hours greeting that provides important information about your business such as hours, website address or even current sales.

Maybe you have multiple extensions for various departments or individuals. I can provide clear and friendly phone prompts to guide your callers to reach who they need to speak with or leave a message for them.

Did you know that if your callers spend time on hold waiting for assistance, you can use this opportunity to promote products or services? Whether it's a current sale or tips on using your service, don't waste time playing elevator music! 

Like to hear some samples I've recorded? Scroll down and have a listen just below. 

Want a FREE demo greeting?

I’m happy to record a FREE demo of a portion of your script so you can hear for yourself the potential that professional voice branding can have on your business, leaving a lasting impression on your clientele.

If you don't have a script yet, I can still record a demo for you. Give me your business name and I'll take it from there. 

I can also help with scripting, if needed. Just ask! 

Let’s get started!

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Phone Greeting Samples

Have a listen to some of the greetings I've recorded for happy clients!

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I look forward to making your business sound amazing!